Yorkshire Tea Mosaic



My self, John Corkill, has always been a massive fan of Yorkshire tea. i have had boxes of Yorkshire tea posted out to me all over the world and as a dedicated tea drinker iv introduced many others to the great Yorkshire flavour.  I love the art work on the box as it reminds me of home, and as i discovered the the different mosaic styles I immediately wondered if i could recreate this iconic image.


I was wanting to create something amazing this summer to show and inspire people about the possibilities my mosaics have to offer and how simple or intricate they can be.


I set to work mapping out the design adding slightly more for ground and skyline to fit the dimensions i desired.  This gave me slightly more space to achieve the depth and detail.  As i mapped out the image, I began to see the different sections and how the tiles would be pieced together.


My first challenge was the centralise and space out the Yorkshire Tea text, the writhing had to be perfect and bold to jump out from the busy background. I then worked on the main features from the countryside scene ensuring the scale would help give me the three demential look i needed. The final challenge was to fill in all the gaps surrounding the main features using the grout lines to enhance the depth already created.


Once the last tile is cut and placed the grouting process can commence. Grouting always brings the image together visually, whilst also adding strength to the mosaic. Covering all your hours of hard work with a wet grout mix can be a a bit daunting but the excitement lies in cleaning the stuff off to reveal the mosaics beauty.


Thanks for all the amazing feedback i have been receiving for this mosaic and from all my trade shows. Please feel free to get in touch if you have a place in your home for this unique mosaic.