All our work at Set In Stone Mosaics are made to order.  

Giving our clients the opportunity to have their own artwork or visions turned into beautiful masterpieces. Commissioning a mosaic usually starts with an inspirational idea from you, looking for something exciting and unique for your home or business.

From here we discuss design, location and cost to come up with a final image to fit any criteria. Once the final image is agreed we then start cutting tiles and building the project ready for installation, keeping the client informed with photo progress along the way.

All our mosaics are carefully hand crafted here in Yorkshire with patience and precision.

Our larger, permanent mosaics, are pieced together on a fibreglass mesh which are cut into smaller sections for transportation. Once the mosaic is complete we will deliver and install the finished piece to your own home for you to enjoy.

Where to have a mosaic:

Set In Stone Mosaics can create art work for your garden, yard, floor or walls, bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, conservatories, fire places, stairways, pillars, doorways, window sills and where ever your imagination takes you.  From permanent projects to wall hanging pieces anything is possible.


Costs & payments:

No single project is ever the same and cost can vary widely depending on the intricacy and size of the work commissioned. Cost will be discussed from the start and a small payment is made before the design process begins. Once the design is finalised 50% of the total cost is to be made to cover materials and time. Some mosaics can take weeks to complete as the nature of the work is very time intensive. The final 50% payment is to be made on completion, once your mosaic is delivered and installed to your home by myself and my team.

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