Show cave and cafeteria North Yorkshire

Stump cross caverns were building an artistic outdoor seating area out the back of there cafeteria to expand the seating area for there customers.  They asked us to create a large mosaic measuring 1meter across to sit into a stone circle at the center of a small maze as a long lasting relic to the cave system.  They were also interested in some smaller mosaics of animals in the surrounding habitat to reference the tables by.

After working closely with Richard Bowerman and using his knowledge of the cave systems history John Corkill came up with a design that incorporated a map of the system, some features of the cave and a time line of events which led to the caves discovery. As an after thought Richard was very keen to incorporate ammonites and trilobites into the finished piece so we squeezed a few in around the edge as if they were real fossils.

We then came up with a few ideas for animal mosaics that would work well in mosaic style and slowly piece by piece began making the artwork for the seating area.

Gaps were left in the patio for the animal mosaics so we could sink them into the existing stonework and we made an exact template for the main feature cutting the tiles so they would fit around the stones forming the circle.

The patio opened at Easter 2016 and Richard and Lisa have been delighted with the customer response.  The different animals when ordering their food excite children and drinks and the locals are happy the cave system has a mosaic depicting the history of the cave.